Nensi Radulovic, prof.
Expert of European Union policy
Foreign and Internal International Policies Relations
Who I am

Strongly expresses diplomatic, managerial, negotiation, shaping policy, leadership and team management skills. Expressly organized, readily orientated on new situations. Highly educated in International relations and European union policy and European Union programmes policy.

Spirit level: moderate behavior, diplomatic dealings with smile, affirmatively focused initiator affairs.

Open for: business and political networking, cooperation on international affairs, preferably European union policy and party, partnership and PM in European projects on up-to-date or traditional level.

  • Phone: +385 1 6101062
  • E-mail:
  • Location: Zagreb City
  • Address: Trg Stjepana Radića 1
My Skills
International relations
Language Skills
Personal Skills
  • Effective problem solver
  • Tactful and patient communicator
  • Good team player
  • Loyal to the company
  • Success motivated
  • Creative & hard working
Business Affairs
  • Assistant to the Principal and Expert Advisor
    2008 - actual
    The City of Zagreb - Mayor Office

    Institutional capacity development on European union policy and establishing Service for European union funds, in-house institutional educating on EU public tenders, programmes development, head of services, launching EU projects in-house, coordination of EU affairs, project evaluating on NGO level in field of international policy, EU affairs, human rights, gender equality, health; cooperation with domestic and international institutional and business society and companies, web portal editing and posting on intra and inter net activities level on EU issues, launching of OCD tenders, commissions, projects & all level of internal affairs.

  • Adviser for the European Union
    2005 - 2008

    Advising companies on European union law, EU tenders and projects, EU programmes; EU project planning, launching, implementing, monitoring; coordination on EU project chamber platform on 21 Chambers in Croatia, organisation of international conferences, B2B meetings, lobbying in European union institutions, bodies, agencies and accredited institutions in Brussels and international companies; project management on cca 200 projects (direct and indirect programmes) funded by European Commission, trainings and lectures on EU politics and funding over chambers and companies, gender quality implementing on Croatian chambers level, Taiex seminars and similar European and international affairs, organizing events like Open days, European day and similar EU topics.

  • General Secretary for European Economic Integrations
    2001 - 2008

    European union institutional capacity development, 21 Chambers EU projects monitoring, evaluation according to EU laws and procedures, organizing of meetings on EU issues within 21 chambers in Croatia, advising on EU affairs, establishing of business institution bodies and human resources on European union policy in CCC, management of cca 200 EU projects funded from pre accession funds for Croatia, bilateral programmes, CBC programmes and similar international EU contract based cooperation, expertise on EU public tenders, project development, launching on EU open tenders, follow up of EU politics, IR, EU funds, EU programmes, training and educating business society on EU financed programmes, public informing on business EU integrations and similar.

  • Head of Department for European Integrations
    2001 - 2005

    European projects affairs, international relations affairs, EU tenders tracking and preparing EU tenders for Croatian companies on domestic tongues, companies and institutional cooperations on international and European economic affairs, development and maintenance Croatian chamber web profile “European union corner” with editing and posting articles, translations and production of texts, proofreading; in/out house cooperation on EU programmes, lectures on EU affairs and similar.

  • President´s advisor for international relations and head of office
    1995 - 2001

    International affairs, establishing platform for European economic integration relations, B2B, planning Zagreb strategically documents, economic relations with local and foreign institutions, making economic analysis and head office of the Zagreb Chamber president (organizing business platform, meetings in/out house, conferences, seminars and similar).

  • English Professor
    1989 - 1995

    Elementary school Grof Janko Drašković
    Elementary school Dragutin Domjanić
    Elementary school Trešnjevka
    Private elementary school Tecoma

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